PSC - Political Science

PSC 1013 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
American Government  

Course presents philosophical principles, governmental machinery and political processes of the federal government. Content includes political culture, the Constitution, civil liberties and civil rights, government institutions, political parties and interest groups, public opinion, and public policy decision-making.

IAI General Education: S5 900  
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PSC 1033 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Introduction to Political Science  

Course examines the primary fields within political science. Content includes political philosophy; empirical political theory; American politics; comparative politics; international relations; research techniques; general concepts used in the study of politics, such as socialization, groups, etc.

IAI General Education: S5 903  
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PSC 1043 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Illinois Government  

Course examines the organization of Illinois Government at the state, county, and municipal levels. Content includes the relationship between the various levels of government; may involve direct observation of governmental units in action.

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.  
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PSC 1103 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Introduction To Politics  

Course introduces concepts of political life. Content focus is on power: source, modes (coercion, control, consent, charisma); expressions, conflicts, etc. Examples drawn from history and current political life.

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PSC 1113 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Political Parties and American Politics  

Course examines political parties in the United States. Content includes the historical development, and modern status, the role political parties play in the American political process.

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PSC 2013 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Comparative Government  

Course presents functional aspects and governmental structures of a variety of political systems. Content includes totalitarian, democratic, and mixed forms of government as seen against a backdrop of current issues of world politics.

IAI General Education: S5 905  
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PSC 2023 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
International Relations  

Course provides theoretical foundation, historical background, and conceptual framework for understanding contemporary international relations. Content includes international relations theory; evolution of the modern international political system; power, diplomacy and foreign policy; war and peace; international law and organizations; international political economy and globalization. Case studies used extensively to exemplify the problems and potential solutions of contemporary international politics.

IAI General Education: S5 904  
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PSC 2043 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
International Terrorism  

Course examines basic characteristics, underlying causes and dynamics of contemporary international terrorism in an historical and international relations context. Content includes developing an analytical framework for understanding terrorist groups, motivations, tactics, strategies, and targets, as well as international counterterrorism efforts.

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PSC 2093 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
United States Foreign Policy  

Course examines contemporary American foreign policy making and conduct within historical and international political context. Content includes an analysis of U.S. foreign policy institutions, actors, traditions, and choices. Historical case studies and current international issues used to exemplify underlying principles and values of U.S. foreign policy.

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PSC 2103 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
American Political Thought  

Course introduces political convictions and ideologies. Content includes examination of principles as bases of our American political system and as influences in the shaping of America’s political history.

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PSC 2163 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Non-Western Comparative Government  

Course surveys the political, social and economic history of selected non-western cultures since 1945. Content includes the study of at least four cultures, drawn from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

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PSC 2503 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
International Security: War and Peace  

Course examines the causes and consequences of wars as well as strategies for peace in world politics. A variety of topics such as the nature and origins of war and peace, terrorism, ethnic and religious conflicts, intervention, globalization, and arms proliferation will be analyzed from a theoretical and historical perspective. Current world events relating to these topics will be discussed.

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PSC 2901-4 credit hours (lecture: 1-4 | lab: 1-4)
Topics in Political Science  

Course explores major political issues and/or aspects of political life that are related to and grow out of the political science courses taught at the College. Course has a different focus and/or scope than the courses currently offered in the department and can be repeated on different topics up to three times for up to nine credit hours. Fee Varies. Prerequisite may vary by topic.

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