BUS - Business

BUS 1013 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Introduction to Business  

Course introduces students to the study of business. Content includes issues and topics related to business and economics in the United States and globally; business careers; key components of a business plan; and the ethical, legal, and social responsibilities of business.

Recommended: Placement in EGL 101; hands-on experience using word processing, the Internet, and e-mail.  
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BUS 1073 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Business Ethics  

Course investigates moral issues which arise in the conduct of business, marketing and advertising. Of value for business students and consumers. Topics include corporate responsibility and social justice, conflicts of interest, environmental issues, problems of discrimination, and the rights of employees and consumers. Students cannot get credit for both PHL 107 and BUS 107.

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BUS 1103 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Personal Finance  

Course presents overview of personal and family financial planning. Topics focus on financial record-keeping, planning one’s spending, consumer credit, tax planning, making buying decisions, purchasing insurance, selecting investments, and retirement and estate planning.

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BUS 2213 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Business Law I  

Course introduces business law. Content includes the basic law of contracts, sales and bailments; case method and problems illustrate legal problems affecting business contracts; development of common law as modified by the Uniform Commercial Code.

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BUS 2223 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Business Law II  

Course studies law of negotiable instruments under the Uniform Commercial Code. Content includes agencies, partnerships and corporations, with focus on case method and problem solving techniques.

Recommended: BUS 221.  
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BUS 2253 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
The Legal Environment of Business  

Course presents deeper understanding of current business organization. Topic focus is on role of the federal government in balancing rights of the individual and business in a free enterprise system within framework of the U. S. Constitution.

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BUS 2303 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Principles of Finance  

Course examines financial principles. Content includes proper buying, saving, investing and borrowing of monetary funds and financial assets to maximize the enterprise’s profit, while minimizing the risk of insolvency; fixed and working capital requirements, and the source of such funds.

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BUS 2921-4 credit hours (lecture: 1-4 | lab: 1-4)
Topics in Business  

Course is designed to meet special interest needs of Business students and local business organizations. Special topics offered for variable credit, from one to four semester credit hours. BUS 292 may be repeated up to three times on different topics for a maximum of nine semester credit hours. Fee Varies. Prerequisite may vary by topic.

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