Course Descriptions

Course Numbering System

Courses numbered below 100 are preparatory or developmental in nature and are not normally acceptable for transfer to senior institutions. Courses numbered 100 or above are college level courses.

Sample Course Listing

Course Numbering System

The Course Descriptions are listed alphabetically by Discipline/Prefix. Students intending to transfer to a senior college should check with the Office of Advising, Transitions, and Student Success to determine which specific courses satisfy transfer requirements.

Course Delivery Modes


Face-to-Face is the traditional classroom delivery mode where all contact hours are performed on campus in a physical classroom. Instructor may use a Learning Management System to post course materials online. Technology may be used for classroom interaction, and students may be required to use computer and internet to complete assignments.


A Hybrid course has fewer in person course meetings than Face-to-Face. A portion of the course contact hours are delivered online and a portion is delivered on campus in physical classroom. These courses use the Learning Management System for the online portion of the course.


An online course is administered asynchronously through the Learning Management System. On-campus meeting are not required. However, online courses may require proctored in-person exam.