Oakton offers degree and certificate curricula in two general areas: baccalaureate (transfer) and career (occupational). The Office of Advising, Transitions and Student Success can assist students in selecting courses appropriate for intended majors, transfer institutions and careers.

Baccalaureate (Transfer) Curricula and Degrees

Baccalaureate curricula are designed for students who intend to transfer to a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree. Oakton participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), which facilitates transfer through a commonly accepted, general education core curriculum and freshman-sophomore curricula for many majors. See Illinois Articulation Initiative for more information. Students should work closely with their intended transfer institution for guidance in selecting Oakton courses that will transfer successfully and for information about other transfer requirements.

Oakton baccalaureate-transfer degrees are:

Associate in General Studies Degree

Oakton offers an Associate in General Studies (A.G.S.) degree designed for students interested in completing an associate degree to enhance their career opportunities, meet employment requirements and explore liberal studies curriculum. The A.G.S. offers flexibility in career and general education course selection.

Students interested in pursuing the A.G.S. degree are required to meet with an academic advisor to develop an academic plan, which must be approved by an Academic Affairs administrator. The academic plan will meet the specific educational goals of individual students. Students who earn an A.G.S. and wish to transfer to a baccalaureate program may be subject to a line-by-line audit of their completed coursework to determine transferability.

Career (Occupational) Programs, Degrees and Certificates

Career programs are designed to prepare students for immediate employment in the field of their program. Many four-year institutions give total or partial credit to students completing an Oakton career program. Oakton career programs offer Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees and certificates.

In planning their programs, students should be aware that many courses have prerequisites that are listed in the course descriptions. Some courses are offered in specific terms only – fall, spring or summer.

Educational Guarantee

Oakton has established an Educational Guarantee policy for transfer courses and career programs. For information, call the Office of Advising, Transitions and Student Success at 847.635.1700.

Professional Curricula

Professional curricula help prepare students for a variety of careers that require a license and/or specific credential to practice. Some professions require a baccalaureate degree; others require a post-baccalaureate certificate or a graduate degree. Students may complete the first two years of most professional curricula at Oakton and then transfer to a four-year college or university to complete the baccalaureate degree. Students may also complete certain two-year career programs at Oakton—e.g., health information technology, medical laboratory technology or associate degree nursing — and transfer into a corresponding baccalaureate program — such as health information administration, medical technology and baccalaureate nursing.

Where to Find More Information

Refer to Baccalaureate Transfer Programs and Pre-majors and Career Programs and Pathways catalog pages for information about Oakton programs. Department chairs and program coordinators are faculty members who lead the department or program and can provide specific information about the programs and courses they oversee. Staff and counselors in the Office of Advising, Transitions and Student Success at both campuses also can provide information.

For information about courses, refer to Course Descriptions by Discipline catalog page.

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