MAP - Medical Assistant

MAP 1202 credit hours (lecture: 2 | lab: 1)
Basic Healthcare Skills For The Medical Assistant  

Course introduces basic techniques and knowledge required to perform fundamental healthcare skills. Topics to include infection control, hand hygiene, vital signs, body mechanics, patient transfers, and oxygen therapy. Professional communication to obtain health history/ patient information and medical documentation will also be included.

Prerequisite: Admission to the Medical Assistant Program  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Hybrid | Online
MAP 1803 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 1)
Healthcare Office Procedures for the Medical Assistant  

Course introduces the Medical Assistant student to administrative and general healthcare office functions. Topics included are patient reception, appointment scheduling, clerical functions and bookkeeping procedures, phone etiquette, professional communication and correspondence, preparation and maintenance of medical records and an EHR, confidentiality, and cultural sensitivity in client interactions.

Prerequisite: Admission to Medical Assistant Program  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Hybrid | Online
MAP 1853 credit hours (lecture: 2 | lab: 4)
Medical Billing and Coding For the Medical Assistant  

Course concentrates on application of guidelines and requirements for accurate medical diagnosis and procedure coding for medical office along with efficient and compliant healthcare claims filing. Course provides instruction in insurance processing procedures in the medical office as well as bookkeeping, collection, banking, and financial procedures vital to medical office.

Prerequisite: Completion of HIT 105 with minimum grade of C or concurrent enrollment.  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Hybrid | Online

Fee: $10

MAP 2306 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 6)
Clinical Skills for the Medical Assistant  

Course combines lecture and clinical skill instruction for the medical assistant student. Emphasis is on practical application of all clinical aspects in the medical/ healthcare office setting. Topics will include patient assessment and documentation, medical and surgical asepsis, assisting with minor office procedures, performing an EKG, injections, specialty office and first aid procedures. Includes an observational clinical rotation at a health care office/ ambulatory facility.

Prerequisite: Completion of MAP 120, MAP 180, HIT 105, MLT 107, all with minimum grades of C, or concurrent enrollment.  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Hybrid | Online

Fee: $75

MAP 2603 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Medical Assistant Practicum  

Course provides the Medical Assistant student 160 supervised hours of unpaid externship at an affiliated clinical site. Emphasis will be on achieving competency of entry-level administrative and clinical skills in a healthcare office setting.

Prerequisite: MAP 180, MAP 230, MLT 107, with minimum grades of C.  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Hybrid | Online