College Transitions Office

The College Transitions Office in Academic Affairs is responsible for Early College programs, transfer partnerships, and Prior Learning Assessment policies. This office oversees the policies that affect the transfer of college-level credit in and out of Oakton. 

Early College: Dual Credit

Oakton collaborates with partner high schools across District 535 to offer college-level classes to eligible high school students. These courses allow students to obtain high school and college credit simultaneously. Dual credit courses are taught in high school classrooms. Oakton-approved high school instructors teach dual credit classes during the high school's regular school day. 

Partner high schools include Evanston Township High School, Glenbrook North High School, Glenbrook South High School, Loyola Academy, Maine East High School, Maine South High School, Maine West High School, MCC Academy, New Trier High School, Niles North High School and Niles West High School. Placement and registration for dual credit placement takes place at the high schools. Students apply and register for classes online.

Students interested in taking dual credit at their high school can visit the Dual Credit web pages for more information:

Early College: Concurrent Enrollment

Oakton’s Concurrent Enrollment Program allows high school juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to take one college-level class per semester. Classes may be taken at an Oakton campus or online. Concurrent enrollment students take their chosen course alongside current Oakton students in addition to their regular high school course load. 

Credit for the course is reflected on an Oakton transcript that can be applied toward an Oakton degree or certificate or may be transferred to a four-year institution. 

In order for a concurrent enrollment course to count toward a high school requirement, the student must obtain permission from their high school before starting the class. Upon course completion, the student then submits their Oakton transcript to their high school. The high school posts the course to the student’s records and applies it toward high school graduation requirements.

For more information about concurrent enrollment, visit

Transfer Partnerships with Four-Year Colleges and Universities

Oakton has a number of agreements with four-year colleges and universities to facilitate transfer and ease the transition of students intending to complete their bachelor’s degree. Examples of these partnerships include transfer paths, guaranteed admission and dual enrollment. Students are also welcome to transfer without these agreements, in which Oakton facilitates term-by-term educational plans for a successful transfer experience.

Transfer Paths to Four-Year Colleges and Universities

Transfer paths are formal term-by-term guides of course requirements for students planning to transfer to a particular college or university. Students following a transfer path benefit from a clear “road map” of requirements for admission to their intended college or university. These agreements often direct a student to earn an associate degree (about 60 semester credit hours) at Oakton and then transfer. Some four-year colleges and universities will accept more than 60 semester credit hours of Oakton work.

The exact course requirements for each transfer path are specified in a transfer path agreement and are usually for a specific major or curriculum rather than for general admission to the institution.

Dual Enrollment and Guaranteed Admission Agreements with Four-Year Colleges and Universities

Dual Enrollment

Oakton College partners with several colleges and universities regarding dual enrollment opportunities for current students. Oakton students in these programs benefit from taking classes at their intended four-year institution while also progressing through their program at Oakton. Furthermore, students who are actively progressing through a dual enrollment program may be guaranteed transfer admission and receive opportunities to engage regularly with their four-year institution. Students should connect early with their four- year institution and an Oakton academic advisor to receive accurate information pertaining to participation, course requirements, and additional benefits specific to the college or university.

Guaranteed Admission Agreement (GAP)

Oakton College partners with many colleges and universities providing an opportunity for students to receive guaranteed general admission to their intended bachelor’s institution. The Guaranteed Admission Agreement (GAP) guarantees general admission to the four-year institution but not admission to a specific major/program. Students may need to fulfill additional major-specific requirements to earn admission in their intended field of study. Students who actively participate in a GAP typically receive counseling, access to scholarships, and benefits that exceed those of a regular transfer student. Students are encouraged to connect early with their four-year institution for details about benefits and any necessary paperwork which may need to be submitted.

For specific information, call the Office of Advising, Transitions and Student Success at 847.635.1700.