PHT 1258 credit hours (lecture: 7.5 | lab: 1.5)
Pharmacy Technician  

Course provides knowledge and skills needed to become a pharmacy technician. Content includes introduction to pharmacy practice settings; focus is on drug classes, basic physiology, drug interactions, pharmacy calculations, and daily pharmacy operation. Course is geared towards a range of students, from having no prior pharmacy experience to healthcare professionals interested in strengthening current skills.

Prerequisite: Placement testing into EGL 090 and MAT 095.  
Instruction Type: In-Person | Online | Hybrid

Fee: $75

PHT 2512 credit hours (lecture: 0 | lab: 15)
Clinical Practicum  

Course consists of 250 contact hours at an assigned practicum site. Course provides an opportunity to observe and gain proficiency in pharmacy technician duties at a pharmacy setting.

Prerequisite: PHT 125 with a minimum grade of C.  
Instruction Type: In-Person | Online

Fee: $25