MGT - Management/Management and Supervision

MGT 1013 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Fundamentals Of Supervision  

Course examines the responsibilities of a supervisor and the application of skills and techniques involved in supervision of people. Content includes motivation, communication, labor relations, legal issues, dealing with grievances, supervisory ethics, problem solving, decision making, and diversity.

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MGT 1063 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Time and Stress Management  

Course presents basic principles and theories of time and stress management, covering how small adjustments can reap rewards in personal and professional effectiveness.

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MGT 1173 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Human Relations In The Workplace  

Introductory course stressing “people” skills and utilizing these skills in an increasingly team-based and customer-oriented workplace. Content provides opportunities to become more effective in discerning, ethical, flexible, perceptive behaviors while working with people. Special attention is given to appropriate communications skills, working on diverse teams, multinational and diversity awareness, discrimination and biases in the workplace, appearance and business etiquette.

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MGT 1183 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Effective Management Communications  

Course integrates concepts and research from several disciplines including business communication and organizational behavior. Contents includes examination of the communication process and its importance in the business environment including both theories and practice, various forms of communication used in business including writing for managerial communications, oral communications including individual and group oral presentations, use of the internet and other methods of modern business communication, and communicating in the job search process. Recommendation: EGL 101 or placement into EGL 101.

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MGT 1213 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Principles Of Management  

Course is a study of management emphasizing the management functions of planning, decision-making, organizing, leading, and controlling.

Recommended: Placement in EGL 101; hands-on experience using word processing, the Internet, and e-mail.  
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MGT 1303 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Purchasing Management  

Course provides a general background of fundamental purchasing concepts. Content includes specific studies for those in business and industry, who wish to expand their knowledge of purchasing management, such as price cost and value analysis; purchasing research; forward buying; purchasing systems; legal aspects of purchasing; make or buy decisions; and electronic data processing as it relates to the purchasing function.

Delivery mode: Face-to-Face
MGT 1383 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Introduction to Professional and Personal Coaching  

Course introduces the beginning fundamentals of life coaching. Students will learn both the history of the field as well as current coaching trends and how to create a coaching practice based on individual skills, experience, and interests.

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MGT 1403 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Supervisory Development  

Course focuses on fundamental issues of supervision for students who are currently a supervisor or aspire to be a supervisor to help them develop practical supervisory skills.

Recommended: MGT 101.  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face
MGT 1553 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Operations and Supply Chain Management  

Course integrates the concepts, principles, problems and practices of operations management and supply chain management. Content includes: supply chain and operations strategies, quality control, process choice and layout, managing capacity, forecasting, source decisions and purchasing, logistics, project management, just in time/lean production, global channel management, and managing inventory throughout the supply chain.

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MGT 1563 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Introduction to Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics  

Course covers business logistics concepts including the management of transportation, inventory, packaging, warehousing, materials handling, order processing, facility location, and customer service.

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Fee: $25

MGT 1603 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Small Business Management  

Course presents the principles and problems of organizing a small business. Content includes analysis of entrepreneurial qualifications and skills; capital resources and requirements; forms of ownership; and financial analysis and planning. Focus is on tax and legal considerations; staffing and learning to identify profit opportunities using market analysis; bringing products to market through effective advertising, personal selling and distribution methods and practices. Includes franchises, availability of government assistance through the Small Business Administration (SBA), evaluation of an existing business for purchase and special opportunities granted to small businesses in selling to government agencies.

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MGT 1653 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Human Resources Management  

Course covers essentials of human resources management principle sand practices in business and industry. Content includes reengineering; employee benefits; pension funds; selection; testing, placement, orientation, employee evaluation; wage determination; counseling, employer relations (morale and motivation), promotion, transfer, training, state and federal legislation (disabled and handicapped, ADA), discrimination, and harassment.

Recommended: MGT 121 or employment in the human resources field.  
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MGT 1703 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Learning and Development  

Course introduces the field of training and development. Content includes identification of skills necessary to design and implement a training program; roles and responsibilities of trainers, and unique characteristics of adult learners. Current trends and career opportunities addressed. Intended for those who have responsibility for training or human resources development within their organization, or for those exploring training as a career. Recommendation: MGT 165 or consent of instructor

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MGT 1803 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Introduction to Business Security Management  

Course provides an overview of the principles of security organization management. Topics include the challenges that organizations face in the area of security with regard to personnel, facility, and information. Security strategies for business and contingency planning are also covered.

Recommended: BUS 101  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face
MGT 1813 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
The Principles of Business Asset Protection  

Course covers the principles of the protection of assets within an organization. Topics include risk exposure, risk analysis, and security strategies as they relate to business asset protection within business units of an organization.

Prerequisite: MGT 180  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face
MGT 1823 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Emergency and Contingency Planning  

Course provides a foundation on the background components and systems involved in the management of disasters and other emergencies within a business. Topics include the role of an organization in the areas of identification, analysis, and contingency procedures related to various emergency situations.

Prerequisite: MGT 180  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Online
MGT 2053 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Organizational Behavior  

Course develops skills and competencies needed by managers and professionals to effectively contribute to an organization. Content focus is on individual behavior in an organization; impact of work teams within an organization; and organizational systems.

Recommended: MGT 117.  
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MGT 2103 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Business Etiquette  

Course presents the fundamentals of business etiquette as they are applied to the modern multicultural and global business environments. Content includes the importance of the first impression, polite conversation, personal appearance, office politics, diplomacy, telephone and cell phone etiquette, proper oral and written communication, and the protocol of meetings both in the United States and abroad. Students will participate in an off-campus formal dining experience.

Delivery mode: Face-to-Face

Fee: $99

MGT 2203 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Managing Effective Teams  

Course presents theory and practical tools to become a more productive team member and leader. Topics include characteristics of high performing teams, leadership strategies, avoiding dysfunctional team dynamics, and managing diverse and virtual teams.

Recommended: MGT 205.  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Hybrid | Online
MGT 2223 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Conflict Management  

Course introduces a range of potential positive conflict management processes. Content includes active listening and communication skills; principle negotiation; various forms of mediation, arbitration and nonviolent action.

Recommended: MGT 117.  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Hybrid | Online
MGT 2253 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Effective Leadership Skills  

Course explores how effective leadership skills contribute to organizational effectiveness, employee motivation and success, and personal growth and development. Content includes current leadership models, with focus on identifying and developing workplace leadership skills; development of action plan to illustrate and improve leadership skills.

Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Hybrid
MGT 2283 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Change Management  

Course examines technical and behavioral aspects of change processes within an organization so that change strategies can be planned, implemented and evaluated. Content includes the relationship between strategy and organizational structure; organizational restructuring and its outcomes; leadership skills and behaviors associated with successful change; creating a transition environment; developing measures for evaluating the success of change effort; dealing with resistance to change, and institutionalizing change.

Delivery mode: Face-to-Face
MGT 2313 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Safety and Risk Management  

Course examines concepts of safety management. Content includes strategies to create and perpetuate safe and productive environments for all stakeholders; effects of sound decision making to diminish and control corporate and individual liability.

Delivery mode: Face-to-Face
MGT 2323 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Managing Diversity in the Workplace  

Course examines issues related to managing and being a member of a diverse workforce. Content includes diversity-related issues with management implications, such as social identity; recruitment and selection; work groups and team interaction; sexual harassment; workplace romance; leadership, work and family; accommodation of people with disabilities; and organizational strategies for promoting multicultural equal opportunity.

Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Online
MGT 2363 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 1)
Project Management  

Course introduces principles of Project Management as defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Content includes experiential exercises and team participation to gain experience with computer-based project management procedures, and to increase basic familiarity with state-of-the-art project management software. Credit cannot be received in both MGT 236 and CIS 236.

Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Online

Fee: $10

MGT 2383 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Professional and Personal Coaching II  

Course supports advanced knowledge of Professional and Personal Coaching with a focus on application. Students will learn strategies to create a structure for various coaching approaches under the guidance of the instructor.

Prerequisite: MGT 138 with a minimum grade of C  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Online
MGT 2513 credit hours (lecture: 1 | lab: 15)

Course offers opportunity to earn credits in a directed work experience. Content includes required attendance at Management Seminars with other management interns to discuss and share on-the-job learning experiences, such as job problems and management case problems; seminars involve guest lecturers speaking on topics of special interest to management personnel.

Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of 12 hours of MGT courses.  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face
MGT 2532 credit hours (lecture: 2 | lab: 0)
Project Management Certification Preparation  

Course offers an intensive review of project management concepts and the application of these concepts to various business scenarios in preparation for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. Students cannot receive credit for both MGT 253 and CIS 253.

Recommended: CIS 236 or MGT 236 or comparable knowledge or consent of instructor.  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Online
MGT 2663 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Talent Acquisition  

Course covers fundamental talent acquisition principles and practices. Content is focused on the interdependence of organizational performance and effective sourcing, recruitment, selection, and staffing in human resource management. Recommendation to: MGT 165 or consent of instructor

Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Hybrid | Online
MGT 2683 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Human Resource Management Law  

Course investigates federal and state legislative, judicial and administrative regulations of the employer/employee relationship in the private sector. Content includes equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, wage-hour law, labor law, employee pension benefits, workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation.

Recommended: MGT 165.  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Online
MGT 2713 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Cases in Human Resource Management  

Course involves real-life human resource management situations. Content developed through case study approach, examining how a variety of companies have dealt with various human resource issues.

Recommended: MGT 165.  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face
MGT 2763 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Corporate Social Responsibility and Decision Making  

Course familiarizes students with concepts of corporate citizenship and sustainability by focusing on the scope and consequences of corporate decision making and its impact on its various constituencies in a global setting. Students will develop a framework for analyzing good corporate decisions, the role of the individual, and the responsibility of leadership and governance in the decision making process.

Recommended: PHL 107.  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Hybrid | Online
MGT 2853 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)

Course involves real-life management and personal negotiation situations. Content includes the theory and processes of negotiation as practiced in a variety of settings including preparing, measuring, conducting and debriefing individual and group negotiations.

Recommended: MGT 117.  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face | Online
MGT 2883 credit hours (lecture: 3 | lab: 0)
Strategic Management  

Course is an integrative learning experience in strategic management focusing on concepts and their application to a variety of business functions. Content covers identifying problems, analyzing solutions, decision-making, and formulating a workable plan. Course is designed as a capstone for the management curriculum.

Prerequisite: Twelve hours of MGT courses or consent of instructor.  
Delivery mode: Face-to-Face
MGT 2901-4 credit hours (lecture: 1-4 | lab: 0-4)
Topics in Management  

Course meets special interest needs of Management students and local business organizations. Special topics will be offered for variable credit from one to four semester credit hours. Students may repeat MGT 290 up to three times on different topics for a maximum of nine semester credit hours. Prerequisite may vary by topic.

Delivery mode: Face-to-Face