Oakton provides services to assist students in making appropriate academic and career plans, enriching their Oakton experience through co-curricular activities, and addressing other issues.

Academic Advising and Educational Planning

The Office of Advising, Transitions and Student Success (OATSS) helps students navigate their academic options and opportunities at Oakton by supporting them from orientation to completion. All new students at Oakton are assigned an academic advisor in their first semester; students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor once per semester.

Advisors help students align their educational and career goals with one of eight core areas of study, called Areas of Interest. Once an Area of Interest is selected, the advisor and student develop an individualized educational plan that sets them on the path to transfer, complete a degree or certificate, or enter the workforce. These plans can be revised at any time and should be revisited by the student and advisor each semester. Advisors also connect students to resources on campus, assist with concerns related to academic progress/academic standing and help students navigate the transfer process.

Advising appointments may be self-scheduled via myOakton; instructions can be found at www.oakton.edu/advising.  Students requiring additional support may email OATSS at advising@oakton.edu or contact the Enrollment Center, room 1860 (Des Plaines) or room A100 (Skokie), 847.635.1700.

Career and Transfer Center

The Career and Transfer Center (CTC) is dedicated to guiding students on their journey toward achieving their transfer and career aspirations by aligning their academic pursuits and personal growth with their chosen career and transfer pathways.

The CTC team supports students as they explore majors, discover career opportunities, develop job search skills and access transfer resources. A range of services including expos, workshops and personalized coaching sessions are available to students.

In addition, the CTC coordinates the College’s student employee program, which is designed to enhance student learning, persistence and success. Through this program, students gain career skills, work experience and financial assistance toward their educational expenses.

Job seekers can connect with local employers by accessing job listings and posting their résumé on Oakton's Online Job Board at www.collegecentral.com/oakton. For more information, contact the Career and Transfer Center. At the DesPlaines campus, visit room 2901 or call 847.635.1735. At the Skokie Campus, visit room A100 or call 847.635.1700. Read more at www.oakton.edu/academics/academic-services/career-services.

Personal Counseling

Personal counselors are available to assist with non-academic concerns and personal development issues which impact students’ personal and educational goals. Short-term counseling is available for Oakton students struggling with a wide array of adjustment issues, transition problems and mental health concerns. Referral information can be offered for students who need long-term counseling, support or services not available at Oakton. For more information, call Counseling Services at 847.635.1744 or visit www.oakton.edu/life-at-oakton/health-and-wellness/counseling.php.

Student Veterans' Services

Academic advisors in the Office of Advising, Transitions and Student Success are available to assist student veterans as they transition into the college system. Advisors guide student veterans in academic planning and progress, the financial aid process and information about veterans' services available throughout Oakton’s district.

Appointments may be made with an advisor through the Enrollment Center in room 1860 (Des Plaines) or room A100 (Skokie) or by calling 847.635.1700. For more information, visit www.oakton.edu/advising.

New Student Onboarding

The orientation experience at Oakton is driven by academic goals and varies based on whether you identify as a degree-seeking, certificate-seeking or visiting student. Depending on your academic goals, your onboarding to Oakton will include either an online orientation program (for certificate-seeking or visiting students) or a two-step process that includes an online orientation and in-person Advising and Registration Workshop (for degree-seeking students). The Advising and Registration Workshop is similar to what other institutions call new student orientation. At the workshop, students learn about campus resources and involvement opportunities, meet with an academic advisor and register for classes.

New students receive information on how to complete the online orientation and/or register for a workshop once they have completed placement in reading, writing and math. For information about your specific onboarding steps, please review your Admission Checklist in the New Student Portal at oakton.my.site.com.

TRIO Student Support Services

The TRIO Student Support Services program is dedicated to enhancing the college experience at Oakton. TRIO helps students persist in their educational goals and transfer to four-year institutions by fostering close student/advisor relationships in a supportive community. Services include academic advising, transfer assistance, financial aid assistance, activities and events. To participate in TRIO, students must meet eligibility criteria: be a first-generation college student; demonstrate financial need; and/or have a documented learning or physical disability. TRIO Student Support Services is funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

For more information, email trio@oakton.edu, call 847.635.1265 or visit TRIO in room 2901 (Des Plaines) or room A144 (Skokie). Read more about TRIO at www.oakton.edu/academics/academic-services/trio.