The Persistence Project is a faculty-led student success initiative that fosters connections between faculty and students. The simple philosophy of creating a compassionate campus is the driving force for participating faculty to create stronger interpersonal relationships with their students. This, in turn, boosts student success and persistence from semester to semester and supports students in achieving the dream of earning a degree or certificate. Students who feel connected to their faculty, peers and the colleges’ student support services persist at higher rate; i.e., they are more likely to return the next semester and the next year.

Participating faculty agree to:

  1. Learn student names as quickly as possible and create a feeling of community within the classroom.
  2. Meet with each student at the beginning of the semester for a 10- to 15-minute one-on-one conference.
  3. Present high expectations to students in course syllabus, while refraining from course policies that could impede student success.
  4. Provide early assessment and feedback to students, preferably within the first three weeks of the semester.

The Persistence Project has gained national attention for the success of the initiative. Colleges from across the country consult with Oakton’s Persistence Project Committee to replicate the initiative in their institutions. To connect with faculty participating in the Persistence Project, email