Academic Computing

Oakton uses an extensive array of computer hardware and software to enhance teaching in transfer and career courses. Computers are used as learning tools in a variety of classes to help students understand and visualize concepts and to simulate real-life situations.

Courses and seminars that teach introductory, advanced and applied computer skills are available at both the Des Plaines and Skokie campuses and at many locations within the district. From brief overviews to in-depth studies, Oakton offers a range of learning options, including credit courses and degree programs, noncredit seminars, workshops and classes.

Oakton provides a technology-rich environment for instructional programs. The College has over 1,100 academic computers located in a variety of computer labs at both campuses. These include special-purpose labs for unique programs such as Nursing or Graphic Design, as well as general-purpose labs supporting multiple disciplines.

Computers include Windows machines and some Macintosh systems. All credit students are provided with a network account that includes access to applications, a network storage space accessible both on and off campus, an email address, and a place to publish documents on the web. Oakton is connected to the Internet with a high-speed connection that provides access to resources throughout the world.

Refer to Information Technology Department for more information.

Media Services

Media Services provides Oakton personnel and students with the equipment and media necessary to support the College’s curriculum and public events. Individual viewing of videos and media-based course lessons is available at each campus. Video and audio production equipment is available for class-related projects with instructor’s approval. A full-scale production facility and staff are available for curricular and other college business. In addition, Media Services receives streaming and satellite TV transmissions for special programming (including video conferences) and operates cable television channels available in several communities. For more information, call 847.635.1994 (Des Plaines) or 847.635.1431 (Skokie).