Other Learning Opportunities

Field Study Courses

Each year Oakton offers several credit courses that provide field experiences. These courses can range from the study of the art and architecture of New Orleans, to an exploration of indigenous cultures of Peru. Field study courses usually meet during one of the interim sessions or summer. For information about domestic field study courses currently being offered, contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 847-635-1660. For information about international field study courses, contact the Global Studies coordinator at 847-376-7118 or visit www.oakton.edu/globalstudies.

First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) includes faculty, co-curricular programs, and groupings of departments and programs that have developed courses and initiatives tailored specifically for all new, degree-seeking students at Oakton. The goals of FYE are to increase student persistence, eliminate barriers to success, help students acclimate to college life, and forge intentional and meaningful connections among peers and the Oakton community.

Students are encouraged to register for a FYE course within the first 15-30 credit hours of coursework at Oakton. FYE courses include high-impact practices such as Learning Communities, Service Learning, and Problem and Inquiry-Based Learning. Sections of courses that incorporate the FYE component have a designation in the class schedule.

FYE Course Learning Objectives

All courses tagged as FYE courses will:

  1. Incorporate the Oakton General Education Outcomes within the context of course content.
  2. Introduce students to, and support students in, development of curricular and co-curricular academic plans.
  3. Introduce and encourage student use of college resources supporting success.
  4. Incorporate reflective activities that support personal growth and development as a college student, community member and global citizen.
  5. Encourage and facilitate student and faculty participation in the life of the college including the college-wide theme and related activities.

For more information, contact fye@oakton.edu or 847-635-1660, or visit www.oakton.edu/firstyearexperience.

Service Learning

Service learning is a method in which students are engaged in meaningful, real-world experiences beyond the campus environment. It integrates the needs of the community while reinforcing concepts learned in class. Students develop a deeper understanding of civic-mindedness when giving back to their community.

There are many opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge through service learning and volunteer community service. Students can enroll in courses with an integrated service learning component that partner with local community agencies, as well as join college student clubs. Sections of courses that incorporate the service learning component will have a designation in the title in the class schedule. Students who successfully complete the service learning component of a course will receive recognition on their transcript.

Contact servicelearning@oakton.edu or 847-376-7247, or refer to Service Learning for more information.