Oakton offers both credit and noncredit English as a Second Language courses.


The credit English as a Second Language program provides non-native speakers of English with language and academic skills necessary to succeed in college and/or the workplace. Credit ESL courses include high-beginning to advanced level reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation, and speaking/listening. Mandatory college placement tests in reading and writing will determine the appropriate course level.

A student who does not place into the credit program on these placement tests can enroll in noncredit ESL classes offered through the Alliance for Lifelong Learning (ALL). For information about credit ESL courses, contact Jessica Pinedo, ESL Program coordinator, at 847.376.7196, jpinedo@oakton.edu


The Alliance for Lifelong Learning (ALL) offers beginning to advanced classes in English as a Second Language and citizenship education during the day and in the evening at several locations within the district. Testing for placement in noncredit ESL courses is provided during special ESL registration periods. Since the noncredit ESL program is funded by the Illinois Community College Board, classes are tuition free. Specialized ESL courses are offered on a low-cost tuition basis. For complete information about noncredit ESL courses, call the ESL Program manager, 847.635.1426.