Advanced Web Site Developer Certificate

41 Semester Credit Hours; Curriculum: 0461

Courses for a Certificate
CAB 140Database Application Using Access3
CIS 111Fundamentals of the Internet2
CIS 131Web Page Development4
CIS 152Web Development Tools3
CIS 171Advanced Web Page Development3
CIS 180Introduction to Visual Basic .NET Programming4
or CIS 211 Java Programming
CIS 188Active Server Pages4
CIS 214Web Site Maintenance and Management4
CIS 232Web Scripting4
CIS 248Web Database Management4
Select one course of the following:3
C++ Computer Science I
Java Computer Science I
Python Computer Science I
Select additional Web-related courses in CIS, ART, CAB, CNS, EGL, and MKT; Contact an academic advisor for a list of acceptable courses3
Total Hours41

Prior to pursuing this certificate, it is strongly recommended that students have taken a computer literacy course (e.g., CIS 103 or a software applications course (e.g., CAB 130CAB 135) or possess equivalent knowledge. Credits earned in these courses may not be applicable to this certificate. Consult the coordinator for further information.