Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. 


Type Tuition per credit hour
District residents1 $136.25
District residents age 60 and older $68.12
Full-time employees of approved district companies1 $136.25
Illinois residents out-of-district (see below; also see Career/Joint Agreements) $367.00
Illinois residents age 60 and older out-of-district $367.00
Out-of-state residents $439.00
International students - visa holders (except students who are refugees, parolees or given asylum in the United States) $439.00
Online courses $136.25


Type Amount
Application fees
New Student (one-time, nonrefundable; no fee for district residents age 60 and older)
International Student (one-time, nonrefundable)
Limited Enrollment Program Student (nonrefundable)
$25 per application
Audit fee $10 per credit hour
Construction fee $2 per credit hour
Course fee (see class schedule) Varies
May include Direct Digital Access (DDA) fee2
Late proof of district residency or Business Educational Service contract fee (see class schedule) $27 - $52
Online course fee $50 per course
Payment plan fee (nonrefundable) $25
Registration fee (refunded if student withdraws from all courses during first week of the term; no fee for district residents age 60 and oder) $15 per semester
Re-registration fee (charged each time a student is dropped for non-payment and re-registers in the same term/session) $25
Returned check fee $25 per check
Student activity fee (16-week course – refundable at 100 percent first week, 50 percent second week, no refund after second week; less than 16-week course – see class schedule; no fee for district residents age 60 and older) $3 per credit hour
Transcript fee $10
Transcript fee rush (processed by next business day) $20

IRS Form 1098-T Tuition Information Statement

Oakton students who paid tuition and fees for a degree program and supplied their correct Social Security Number (SSN)/Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) will receive a completed IRS 1098-T Form from Oakton, which may be used to claim the IRS education tax credit. This form will include tuition and fee information, as well as any scholarships and/or grants awarded. The IRS will receive the same information for its records. In accordance with IRS reporting requirements, the college will not issue a 1098-T form for noncredit classes or nonresident alien students, unless requested. Students are not required to submit a SSN/TIN to attend and/or enroll in classes at Oakton Community College. SSN/TIN is not used to identify students in the Oakton student records system.

Career/Joint Agreements

Career/Joint agreements allow Oakton district residents to attend and pay district resident tuition at an Illinois community college outside their home district if they are pursuing an Applied Science degree or certificate not offered at Oakton. This is made possible by Oakton Community College being a member of the Comprehensive Agreement Regarding the Expansion of Educational Resources (CAREER).

Oakton district residents submitting a career/joint agreement should follow these steps to see if they are eligible:

  1.  Apply for admission to Oakton and pay the one-time application fee;
  2. Submit the Career/Joint Agreement form, located in the Enrollment Center, along with proof of district residence at least 30 days prior to the start of the term;
  3. Provide a copy of the certificate/degree requirements for the program of interest;
  4. Provide an acceptance letter into the degree/certificate program, if enrolled in a limited enrollment program; and
  5. Determination that the program of instruction is not offered by Oakton Community College.

Enrollment in General Education courses and electives will not be approved for a career/joint agreement.

Residents of other community college districts who wish to attend Oakton Community College under a career/joint agreement should contact the Registrar/Admission Offices at their home college.

For more information on Career/Joint Agreement Programs, contact Enrollment Services at 847-635-1700 (Des Plaines) or 847-635-1400 (Skokie) or visit