Other Academic Policies

Academic Standards for Financial Aid Recipients

Students receiving federal or state financial assistance, including those receiving veteran’s grants, must meet specific academic standards. Refer to Student Financial Assistance page or contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at 847-635-1700 for specific information.

Class Attendance

Students are responsible for meeting the attendance requirements of their courses. Individual instructors set class attendance requirements consistent with course objectives. Attendance requirements may go into effect with the first class meeting of each term. Students who receive financial aid and fail to attend classes may lose and/or need to repay financial aid funding.

Educational Guarantee

Oakton has an Educational Guarantee Program to assure students that appropriately selected courses will transfer and to prepare students for the workplace. Information is available from the Office of Advising, Transitions, and Student Success.

End-of-Semester Activities

It is the responsibility of each instructor to determine appropriate culminating course activities. Instructors will be available to their students at designated times during the two evaluation days at the end of each semester.

Military Service

If a student leaves Oakton after the midpoint of the semester or session because of induction into or extended active duty with the U.S. armed services, that student may choose to withdraw and no tuition or fees will be assessed, or may be awarded full academic credit for each course for which he or she is still registered, provided the instructor is able to evaluate the student’s attainment of the objectives of the course and award an appropriate grade at the time the student is no longer able to participate in instruction/attend the course.

To benefit from this policy, a student must submit a copy of the appropriate induction notice or deployment orders. To be eligible, members of a National Guard unit or a reserve unit must be called to active duty. Service members who return to Oakton within three years after completion of their active duty service will be assessed the same tuition rate as when they left for service for no more than one academic year if they meet the following conditions:

  1. Submit induction notice prior to leaving the College,
  2. Request this tuition option in writing to the director of Admission and Enrollment prior to leaving the College, and
  3. Return to the same academic program of study at the same enrollment status.