Substance Abuse Counseling A.A.S.

60 Semester Credit Hours; Curriculum: 0204

Note: Refer to IAI General Education Courses page for guidelines on General Education course selection.

General Education Requirements
Area A — Communications
EGL 101Composition I3
Select one of the following:3
Composition II
Introduction To Business And Technical Writing (recommended)
Technical Writing Applications
Effective Speech
Area B — Mathematics
Select one course from Area B (Mathematics) or Area C (Science)0-3
Area C — Science
Select one course from Area B (Mathematics) or Area C (Science)0-3
Area D — Social and Behavioral Sciences
(Recommend one course from PSY 101 or SOC 101)3
Area E — Humanities/Fine Arts
Select one course from a humanities or fine arts discipline3
Area F — Global Studies 1
Select one course that satisfies Global Studies requirement0-3
Area G — U.S. Diversity Studies 2
Select one course that satisfies U.S. Diversity Studies requirement0-3
Other General Education credits: Select additional credits from Areas B, C, D, E, F or G if needed to meet 18-credit-hour minimum0-3
Total Hours18
Major Requirements
HSV 110Counseling/Interviewing3
HSV 121Assessment, Treatment Planning, and Addiction Strategies3
HSV 122Cross Cultural Consideration in Counseling3
HSV 210Counseling/Interviewing II3
HSV 250Substance Abuse Practicum I4
HSV 255Substance Abuse Practicum II4
PSY 107Applied Psychology: The Psychology of Personal Growth3
PSY 120Human Development3
PSY 203Psychology Of Abnormal Behavior3
PSY 234Family Systems And The Addictive Process3
PSY 235Psychology Of Group Behavior3
PSY 237Psychopharmacology3
PSY 238Substance Use and Related Disorders3
Electives: Select one course from PSY, SOC, HSV or other course that is approved by the program coordinator.1
Total Hours42