Adult and Continuing Education
Alliance for Lifelong Learning (ALL) 
ALL Registration and Information
Des Plaines, Room 1770, 847.982.9888
Skokie, Room A120, 847.982.9888

Alumni Relations
Des Plaines, Room 1500, 847.635.1813

Art Museum (Koehnline Museum of Art)
Des Plaines, Room 1400, 847.635.2633

Des Plaines, Room 1336, 847.635.1753

Des Plaines, Room 1160, 847.635.1680
Skokie, Room A130, 847.635.1421

Career and Transfer Center
Des Plaines, Room 2901, 847.635.1735
Skokie, Room A100, 847.635.1400

Cashier’s Office
Des Plaines, Room 1860, 847.635.1639
Skokie, Room A130, 847.635.1639

Center for Campus Inclusion and Diversity (CCID)
Des Plaines, Room 1433
Skokie, Room A164

Center for Professional Development (CPD)
Des Plaines, Room 1250, 847.635.1614

Continuing Education for Health Professionals (CEHP)
Alliance for Lifelong Learning (ALL)
Skokie, Room B122, 847.635.1438

Counseling Services
Des Plaines, Room 1200, 847.635.1855
Skokie, Room A100, 847.635.1855

Disability Services (Access and Disability Resource Center)
Des Plaines, Room 2405, 847.635.1759
Skokie, Room A135, 847.635.1759

Division of Business and Career Technologies
Skokie, Room B206, 847.635.1910

Division of Liberal Arts
Des Plaines, Room 2430, 847.635.1950

Division of Science, Technology, Engineering,
and Mathematics (STEM) and Health Careers

Des Plaines, Lee Center, Room 100, 847.635.1684
Des Plaines, Room 2180, 847.635.1688

Early Childhood Education Center
Skokie, Room C151/C152, 847.635.1441

Early College Office
Des Plaines, Room 0710, 847.635.1661

Emeritus Program
Alliance for Lifelong Learning (ALL)
Skokie, Room A120, 847.982.9888

English as a Second Language/Literacy
Alliance for Lifelong Learning (ALL)
Skokie, Room B111, 847.635.1426

Enrollment Center
Des Plaines, Room 1860
Skokie, Room A100

Financial Assistance
Des Plaines, Room 1860, 847.635.1700
Skokie, Room A100, 847.635.1400

Global Studies (Study Abroad)
Des Plaines, Room 2512, 847.376.7118
or 847.635.1950

Health Services
Des Plaines, Room 1210, 847.635.1885
Skokie, Room A175, 847.635.1419

Help Desk - Information Technology
Des Plaines, Room 1710, 847.635.1965

High School Equivalency
Alliance for Lifelong Learning (ALL)
Skokie, Room B111, 847.635.1426

Honors at Oakton
Des Plaines, Room 2146, 847.376.7125,
Skokie, Room P220, 847.376.7164

Human Resources
Des Plaines, Room 1260, 847.635.1675

Language Labs
Des Plaines, Room 2446, 847.635.1612
Skokie, Room C132, 847.635.1493

Learning Center
Des Plaines, Room 2400, 847.635.1658
Skokie, Room A135, 847.635.1434

Des Plaines, Room 1406, 847.635.1642
Skokie, Room A200, 847.635.1432

Media Services
Des Plaines, Room 1815, 847.635.1994
Skokie, Room A221, 847.635.1431

Non-native Students
Des Plaines, Room 2400, 847.635.1943
Skokie, Room A135, 847.635.1434

Oakton Box Office
Des Plaines, Room 1350, 847.635.1900 or
buy tickets at

Oakton Educational Foundation
Des Plaines, Room 1420, 847.635.1893

Office of Academic Affairs
Des Plaines, Room 2501, 847.635.1660

Office of Access, Equity and Diversity
Des Plaines, Room 2270, 847.635.1745

Office of Admission
Des Plaines, Room 1740, 847.635.1835

Office of Advising, Transitions and Student Success
Des Plaines, Room 1860, 847.635.1700 
Skokie, Room A100, 847.635.1400

Office of College Relations
Des Plaines, Room 1140, 847.635.1811

Office of College Transitions
Des Plaines, Room 2501, 847.635.1661

Office of Grant Strategy and Development
Des Plaines, Room 2501, 847.376.7090

Office of Online Curriculum and Instruction
Des Plaines, Room 1250, 847.635.1971

Office of Research and Planning
Des Plaines, Room 2817, 847.635.1967

Office of Student Life and Campus Inclusion
Des Plaines, Room 1530, 847.635.1699
Skokie, Room A160, 847.635.1443

Performing Arts Center
Des Plaines, Room 1351, 847.635.1901
or 847.635.1950

Placement Testing (see Testing Center)

Ray Hartstein Campus Administration
Skokie, Room B206, 847.635.1912

Registrar Services
Des Plaines, Room 1740, 847.635.1705

Skokie Faculty Support Office
Skokie, Room B206, 847.635.1910

Student Affairs Administration
Des Plaines, Room 2270, 847.635.1739
or 847.635.1745

Student Employment (see Career and Transfer Center)

Student Government
Student Center
Des Plaines, Room 1530, 847.635.1696
Skokie, Room A160, 847.635.1491

Student Newspaper (OCCurrence)
Student Center
Des Plaines, Room 1530, 847.635.1678

Student Veterans Services
Des Plaines, Room 1860, 847.635.1700

Testing Center
Des Plaines, Room 2409, 847.635.1939
Skokie, Room A135, 847.635.1446

Title IX Coordinator
Des Plaines, Room 2270, 847.635.1745
Skokie, Room B200

Transfer Partnerships / Prior Learning
Des Plaines, Room 2501, 847.635.1661

TRIO Student Support Services
Des Plaines, Room 2901
Skokie, Room A144

Tuition and Fees (see Cashier for payment)

Video and Multi-Media Services (see Media Services)

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Des Plaines, Room 2526, 847.376.7044

Workforce Development and Corporate Training
Skokie, Room B100, 847.635.1447