Policies and procedures specific to student conduct and health and safety procedures, including: Committee on Student and Academic Conduct; Substance Abuse Policy; Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy; Smoke-Free Campus Policy; Appeals Process (Due Process); and the Communicable Disease Procedure can be found in the Student Handbook. Printed copies are available in the Office of Student Affairs, Room 2270, Des Plaines.

Code of Student Conduct (Student Code)

Oakton College is responsible for providing equal access and preventing interference with educational opportunities by maintaining an orderly, civil, and safe educational environment.

To that end, the Board of Trustees, recognizing both the rights and responsibilities of students that accrue to them as citizens or residents and guests of the United States, the State of Illinois, and Community College District 535, authorizes the president to develop a Code of Student Conduct and implementation procedures.

The Code of Student Conduct provides fair and reasonable rules and procedures to promote human development and to ensure that students do not engage in academic or behavioral conduct that materially or substantially interferes with the requirements of appropriate discipline for the operation of the College. Faculty, staff, and students have mutual responsibility for establishing a clear understanding of Oakton’s values—expressed in part in the Statement of Principles and in part in the Student Academic Integrity Policy—concerning academic evaluation and behavioral activities. Sanctions imposed for determined violations of the Code of Student Conduct are restorative by nature, educational and developmental where possible, and may range from warning to expulsion.