In addition to facilitating transfer of General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) courses, Illinois Articulation Initiative provides major recommendations for the first two years of college in several popular majors.  Courses included in these recommendations are assigned the IAI Major codes and are listed below.

These recommendations work best for students who have chosen their majors, but are undecided on the college or university that will grant their baccalaureate degree. These students should consult the Office of Advising, Transitions and Student Success for additional information.

Students who have decided which college or university they plan to attend should work directly with advisors at their intended institution of choice regarding their transfer.


ART 105Fundamentals of Two-Dimensional Art I (ART 907)3
ART 107Fundamentals of Three-Dimensional Art I (ART 908)3
ART 131Drawing I (ART 904)3
ART 231Drawing II (ART 905)3

Biological Sciences

BIO 121General College Biology I (BIO 910)4
BIO 122General College Biology II (BIO 910)4
BIO 231Human Anatomy and Physiology I (BIO 920C)4
BIO 232Human Anatomy and Physiology II (BIO 920C)4


ACC 153Principles of Financial Accounting (BUS 903)4
ACC 154Principles of Managerial Accounting (BUS 904)4
CIS 101Introduction to Computer Information Systems (BUS 902)3
CIS 103Computer Software and Concepts (BUS 902)4
MAT 190Business Statistics (BUS 901)4


CHM 121General College Chemistry I (CHM 911)4
CHM 122General College Chemistry II (CHM 912)4
CHM 223Organic Chemistry I (CHM 913)5
CHM 224Organic Chemistry II (CHM 914)5

Computer Science

CSC 144Discrete Mathematics (CS 915)3
CSC 155C++ Computer Science I (CS 911)3
CSC 156Java Computer Science I (CS 911)3
CSC 157Python Computer Science I (CS 911)3
CSC 170
CSC 171
Introduction to Numerical Methods
and C++ Programming for Engineers (CS 911)
CSC 170
CSC 173
Introduction to Numerical Methods
and Java Programming for Engineers (CS 911)
CSC 170
CSC 174
Introduction to Numerical Methods
and Python Programming for Engineers (CS 911)
CSC 240C++ Data Structures (CS 912)3
CSC 241Java Data Structures (CS 912)3
CSC 242Python Data Structures (CS 912)3
MAT 144Discrete Mathematics (CS 915)3

Criminal Justice

LAE 101Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRJ 901)3
LAE 140Introduction to Corrections (CRJ 911)3
LAE 201Criminology (CRJ 912)3
LAE 245Juvenile Delinquency (CRJ 914)3

Early Childhood Education

ECE 102Child Growth and Development (ECE 912)3
ECE 180The Exceptional Child (ECE 913)3
ECE 270Child, Family, and Community Relations (ECE 915)3


ENG 120Engineering Graphics (EGR 941)3
ENG 211Analytical Mechanics (Statics) (EGR 942)3
ENG 212Analytical Mechanics (Dynamics) (EGR 943)3
ENG 217Strength of Materials (EGR 945)3
ENG 220Engineering Circuit Analysis (EGR 931L)4
ENG 250Introduction to Digital Systems (EGR 932L)4


MAT 250Calculus I (MTH 901)5
MAT 251Calculus II (MTH 902)4
MAT 252Calculus III (MTH 903)4
MAT 260Introduction to Linear Algebra (MTH 911)3
MAT 262Ordinary Differential Equations (MTH 912)3

Media and Communication Arts

ART 259Introduction to Web Design (MC 923)3
CIS 152Web Development Tools (MC 923)3
EGL 211Writing Digital Content (MC 922)3
EGL 220Introduction to Mass Communications (MC 911)3
GRD 250Introduction to Video Production (MC 916)3
MKT 215Introduction to Advertising (MC 912)3
MKT 240Introduction to Public Relations (MC 913)3


PHY 221General Physics I (PHY 911)5
PHY 222General Physics II (PHY 912)5


PSY 202Social Psychology (PSY 908)3
PSY 203Psychology of Abnormal Behavior (PSY 905)3

Theater Arts

THE 103Fundamentals of Acting (TA 914)3