The General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) Credential recognizes transfer-bound students who successfully complete the general education core requirements of the Associate of Arts. The curriculum requirements for this credential are met by successfully completing Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) courses that transfer to Illinois four-year colleges and universities. These courses provide opportunities for students to develop Oakton’s General Education Student Learning Outcomes: Critical Thinking, Communication, Literacy, Responsibility, and Collaboration. General education courses should be selected from the list of IAI General Education Courses

This credential is not a workforce certificate or an industry-recognized credential. Development of the General Education Learning Outcomes does better prepare a student for additional skills employers seek in employees.

General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) Credential

37-41 Semester Credit Hours; Curriculum: 0750

General Education Requirements:
Area A — Communications
EGL 101Composition I3
EGL 102Composition II3
SPE 103Effective Speech3
Area B — Mathematics 1
One MAT course of at least 3 credits from the approved list of IAI general education Mathematics courses3
Area C — Science
One science course from the Life Sciences and one science course from the Physical Sciences; at least one of these courses must be a lab course7-8
Area D — Social and Behavioral Sciences
Three courses from at least two different social of behavioral science disciplines9
Area E — Humanities/Fine Arts
Three courses from the Humanities/Fine Arts; at least one course must be from Humanities and one course must be from Fine Arts9
Area F — Global Studies 2
One course that satisfies Global Studies requirement0-3
Area G — U.S. Diversity Studies 3
One course that satisfies U.S. Diversity Requirement0-3
Total Hours37-41

Students planning to transfer should contact an academic advisor to select an appropriate mathematics course.


Students may take a Global Studies course that satisfies both Area F and another Area requirement.


Students may take a U.S. Diversity Studies course that satisfies both Area G and another Area requirement.