Student Life

Student involvement at Oakton provides unique opportunities to become engaged with the campus community through student-led clubs and organizations. Studies indicate that students who participate actively in campus life devote considerable energy to their academic programs, spend more time on campus and interact frequently with other students. (Astin, 1996, Kuh, Douglas, Lund, Ramin-Gyurmek, 1994)

Office of Student Life and Campus Inclusion (OSLCI)

The Office of Student Life and Campus Inclusion is the center of student engagement. It offers programs and services that provide critical learning opportunities to enhance the co-curricular experience and cultivate students' personal and professional growth. For more information, contact the Office of Student Life and Campus Inclusion at 847-635-1699.

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leader Program is an opportunity to build leadership skills, get involved in student life, and explore Oakton’s resources to support your success as a student. Through the program, students participate in a range of special activities, workshops, and training opportunities that sharpen leadership and project management skills. Visit Emerging Leaders Program for an application and information.

Center for Campus Inclusion and Diversity (CCID)

The Center for Campus Inclusion and Diversity (CCID) exists to pro- vide support, educational experiences, and interactive learning opportunities. The CCID represents the needs and concerns of historically under-served student identities and helps them access opportunities through programs, services and resources related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. The CCID is located in Room 1433, Des Plaines.

For more information, call the Office of Student Life and Campus Inclusion at 847-635-1699 or the Office of Access, Equity, and Diversity at 847-635-1837.

Student Organizations

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as a liaison to the college administration, and voices student issues and concerns. The SGA recognizes and supports student clubs, distributes $400,000 in student fees annually, and provides leadership on behalf of the student body. Participation on committees is open to all students, but the organization is governed by 15 to 20 voting members, elected each spring. Vacancies are filled by appointment.

One committee, the Student Judicial Board, hears appeals on traffic and parking tickets. Students interested in joining the SGA should contact the organization's office at 847-635-1696 (Des Plaines) or 847-635-1491 (Skokie), or send an email to

The College Program Board coordinates social, educational, and entertainment activities at the Des Plaines campus.

The Skokie Events Team (SET) is responsible for planning extracurricular activities at the Ray Hartstein campus in Skokie.

The OCCurrence is the student newspaper. The staff participate in all aspects of newspaper production, including writing, editing, photography, cartooning, layout (using Adobe InDesign), advertising sales, and business management.

Campus Clubs

Student life at Oakton includes a variety of academic, social, professional, cultural, religious, and special-interest groups. Students are encouraged to start clubs within established guidelines. Limited funding is available to support club activities.

Clubs include: African Students Club, Asian Pop Culture, Black Student Union, Card and Board Game Club, Ceramics Club, Cheer Team, DECA, Early Childhood Education Club, First Generation Club, French Club, Habitat for Humanity, Hawaiian Music, Hillel, Hispanic Club, Honor Student Organization, inMinds Club, International Happiness Community, Japanese Culture Club, Law Enforcement, Math Club, Mission Bible Club, Muslim Student Association, Oakton Helping Others, Oakton Pride, Oakton Visual Organization, OCCurrence, Phi Theta Kappa, Physical Therapist Assistant Club, Pilipino American Youth Organization, Reaching Out to Others, Society of Biomedical Engineers, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Student Nurses Association, Students for Global Health and Sustainability (SGHS), Students for Social Justice (S4SJ), Sustainability, Undocumented DACA Allies Student Club, UNICEF, Veterans’ Club, Yu Gi Oh.


Intercollegiate Athletics

As a member of the NJCAA and the Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference, Oakton Community College participates in 15 intercollegiate sports: men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s cross country, women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s tennis, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s baseball, women’s softball, and men’s and women’s outdoor track. All students are invited to participate in the intercollegiate program. To participate, a student must be enrolled in at least 12 semester hours and meet all other eligibility requirements. This program is under the direct administration of the Senior Manager of Athletics.

Intramural Athletics

Intramural activity is an integral part of student life at Oakton Community College. A program of competitive and recreational sports has been scheduled so that every student can participate. All students are invited to take part in one or more intramural activities each semester. Interested participants should contact the Athletics Office, 847-635-1753.

Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony for the awarding of degrees and certificates is held once a year at the end of the spring semester. Students are not required to participate in the graduation ceremony to receive a degree or certificate. Students wishing to participate must be measured for caps and gowns in the Office of Student Life and Campus Inclusion. Call 847-635-1699 for information.