Programmable Controllers (PLC/PAC) Technician Certificate

15 Semester Credit Hours; Curriculum: 0248

The Programmable Controllers (PLC/PAC) Technician Certificate consists of 15 credit hours. The job of Programmable Controllers (PLC/PAC) Technician is to design, program, calibrate, monitor, troubleshoot, and repair automation systems ranging from simple traffic lights to complex industrial automation systems. These sophisticated automation systems are controlled by devices commonly known as Programmable Logic/Automation Controllers (PLC/PAC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI). The purpose of the program is to prepare students to this challenging yet highly rewarding opportunity in modern automation/mechatronics field.

Courses for a Certificate
MFG 111Introduction to Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)3
MFG 240Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)4
MFG 245Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC)4
MFG 250Advanced Automation Applications (PLC/PAC/HMI)4
Total Hours15