Advanced CNC Machinist Certificate

26 Semester Credit Hours; Curriculum: 0258

This certificate is intended for students who are interested in expanding their knowledge and skills beyond CNC machine operation, setup, and programming. Students will acquire essential skills for a professional CNC programmer, such as industrial design and CAD. Additionally, students will learn about industrial robotics and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), which are integral parts of modern CNC operations.

Courses for a Certificate
CAD 116Basic AutoCAD3
or MFG 110 Introduction to Machining
MFG 102Industrial Drafting and Design3
MFG 140Introduction to Robotics and Vision Systems4
or MFG 165 Mastercam Computer Aided Manufacturing
MFG 141CNC Machine Operation - NIMS Test Preparation4
MFG 144Introduction to CNC Programming4
MFG 240Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)4
or MFG 245 Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC)
Select one of the following:4
Advanced CNC Programming
MASTERCAM Computer Aided Manufacturing II
Advanced Automation Applications (PLC/PAC/HMI)
Total Hours26